5 Podcasts to Brighten Your Week

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I was lucky to have had Monday off, and with the freezing temps of the weekend (-8° in NJ?!) an extra day for errands was more than welcome.

Though I only began listening to podcasts last year, I’m a crazy podcast lady. While constantly exploring new ones, it feels like the line “I was listening to this podcast…” sneaks into all of my conversations.

I’ve learned a lot from these podcasts, but beyond being informative, they keep me in a great mood all week long:

1. This is Your Life

First things first, read the title with the right emphasis. When you understand it as “this is YOUR life” you start to feel the weight of their message. Michael Hyatt & Michele Cushatt cover great topics ranging from productivity, to building a business, to blogging, and even relationships! Every episode is as inspiring and insightful as the last. I find myself sharing quotes and episodes constantly.

Start with: Change Your Story, Change Your Life

2. Oh Boy

A bit more casual and very personal, Man Repeller’s podcast is an awesome resource for inspiration. Every interview has quotable gems – I’ve needed to rewind and listen again while I scribble bits of wisdom onto post-its.

I loved: Payal Kadakia

3. The Dinner Party Download

Inspiration aside, this podcast is pure entertainment. Each episode is like sitting down with your two besties (hi Rico & Brendan!) and all of their friends to catch up on little-known news, well-known celebrities, and new music. Plus, who doesn’t love a cocktail recipe with a history lesson?

Listened to this one twice: Teyonah Parris, Savages, and Profanely Good Etiquette

4. Inc. Uncensored

Similar to #3, this podcast is also like sitting down with friends – witty, insightful journalist friends! This time, to discuss start-ups, technology, business, social media and more.

Recent Fave: #42 – Edible Robots, Coming to a Plate Near You

5. Being Boss

Billed as a podcast for creative entrepreneurs, Being Boss is way more than that! Full of interviews with inspiring figures and tips you can apply to any aspect of your life, this is one way to make an hour fly by!

Here’s a fun one: I Will Teach You to be Rich with Rami Sethi

Bonus: The Charged Life

Brendon Burchard’s short, easy podcasts are a great perk to any day. Averaging just ten minutes, I highly recommend this to anyone needing a motivation boost when that 3 o’clock wall rolls around.
Try this: Four Ways to Become More Disciplined


Q&A (So far – send in your questions & I’ll add them to the list!):

How do I even find podcasts?
iPhones & iPads have a dedicated podcasts app built in by default, with a helpful featured page as soon as you open it. Then just click on an episode you’re interested in, similar to exploring music on iTunes.
But I have an Android…
Even though it’s a little less direct on Android phones, there are some great apps that make exploring and subscribing to podcasts super easy (or so I’ve heard.) 2 free apps are Podcast Addict & Podcast Republic. If you’re willing to invest in the experience, Pocket Casts takes things up a notch with device syncing and is also available on iOS.

Time to Share: What do you like to listen to at work (podcasts or otherwise)?

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