5 Tips for the Stylish Commuter

Commuting sucks…

Is what most people will tell you. But even with the usual cons (delays and crowding), I’ve learned to love my daily ride. When your schedule is packed with things to do for other people, that train/bus ride can be your first step to working on yourself, like it was (and continues to be) for me.

In the year since I became a commuter, I’ve used that time to: knit, read, blog, catch up on emails, get in touch with friends, plan meals, and sometimes I treat myself to an after-work nap. Still, it was a big change and I didn’t fall in love with it overnight.

Rewind to last year when I quickly realized that if I had plans after work, I didn’t have a car home base to keep extra anything in. In a way, commuting kicked off my wardrobe revamp.

Here’s what I’ve learned about looking good while standing in the rain:

Outerwear is Key

When you’re always on the move, your coat/jacket is always part of the first impression. Instead of having a coat for every day of the month, invest in two options that can handle changes in temperature with a little help from layers. Imagine wearing your statement coat whenever you want. Why keep it in the closet for “special occasions”?

My winter standbys are my grey coat/faux fur vest combo and an olive green parka I just got at Uniqlo*. It’s sold out on their website but here are some similar options:
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* – Sale tip: check your local Uniqlo, I scored mine for $40!

Forget About Wearing Heels

Even when I drive, I kick my heels off in favor of some flats. This isn’t only about comfort, it also extends the life of your shoes. Think about how much longer heels would last if they weren’t being worn down by uneven sidewalks. I’ve made it a habit to change my shoes even when I’m walking out for lunch.
Another tip I’ve read is to take new shoes to a cobbler immediately to have rubber soles put on. I’ll be trying that out soon, but I have yet to have the patience to take new shoes to the shop. On that note…


Keep 2 Match-Everything Shoes at Work

This way, I don’t have to weigh myself down with extra shoes every day. I keep one basic black and one silver (could be any lighter color) pair of pumps at my desk, but this can be any kind of shoe appropriate to your workplace.

(If you can wear sneakers daily, disregard this tip, you win.)

Small Accessories Fix Everything

Sometimes you pick clothing out in a rush (or in the dark). I know I’m not the only one who’s made it to work *then* realized I don’t love my outfit. On these days, I rely on my desk scarf (I have everything in my desk) or jewelry to liven up my look. I also carry around a little jewelry pouch in my backpack.

Be Gracious

Commuting can be fun, but it is not easy. Most people don’t enjoy being packed in and pushed around. You can change your experience completely by smiling as you try to get to a seat, or greeting the conductors/drivers as you get on. Small, easy changes like this will boost your mood and build your confidence, and there’s nothing more stylish than confidence.

Enjoy the week, everybody!