The Best Email App for People Who Hate Email

Happy fall, y’all!

It appears summer has left us and it’s time to start thinking in layers. More importantly, it’s time to kick things into gear. Is it just me or does fall always come with the feeling of new opportunities? I love summer, but there’s something about the days getting crisper that makes me feel more alert – it’s like back-to-school season for adults!

A few months ago, I wrote about how I organize my Outlook inbox at the office as a Gmail devotee. So I took a risk and decided to see how the app works and honestly – I’ve never looked back.

We all know the default mail apps – both iPhone & Other (lookin’ at you, Samsung) are terrible. Sure, they “integrate” with your phone, but all they’re good for is junking up your contacts and calendar.
*Before we get into it, this post was in no way sponsored or endorsed by Microsoft, I genuinely love this app.*

The Basics

This is 189% better. Trust me, I did the math… let’s take a look.

As with most apps, you can log in with any email, including custom domains. At the moment I have five accounts (eek! I know – one for the office, the blog, my top secret new project, my old gmail from college, and one for professional networking) and I have yet to crash the app. The immediate difference is the focused inbox. Your first look at your inbox is only conversations with real people, event invitations, or other messages perceived as important.
Along with the automatic separation, you can set your app badge to show only the number of focused messages in your inbox. Add in the easy-access filters and my mornings are completely changed! I can take a quick glance at my focused inbox to see what’s on deck for the day then move on to the “other” tab where my daily newsletters (commuter candy) live.

My 3 Favorite Features:

File access. You can add your cloud accounts (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.), but the best part is that the files tab lists all recent email attachments as well.

Integrated calendar. The calendar tab shows every event that passes through your inbox. This makes scheduling super easy because all of your options are shown at once, and you can RSVP or edit your responses to invitations from anywhere in the app.

Links & maps. You have more control over how you open both – Outlook lets you choose your preferred browser and navigation app. (Take that, Apple Maps.)

outlook-calendar The calendar also assigns icons to each event type!

One More:

Outlook has a “schedule” feature, though the name is misleading. I’d love to be able to schedule outgoing messages, but this function is actually for scheduling emails to come back to your inbox at a better time. It’s the one feature I haven’t tried, so if you’ve used it, tell me in the comments!
I love this app because it’s taken the pain out of keeping my inbox organized. When things are split up before you even look at them, it’s one less step for you to take in your day, and who doesn’t want to get through emails faster?

What’s your favorite email app?

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