Easy DIY: How to Make a Crop Top from a Button-up

Two weeks ago, I got to enjoy the best concert I’ve ever been to – the grand finale of Beyonce’s Formation world tour. Surprisingly, I waited until the last minute to figure out what to wear – not like me, at all. With no time to shop, I needed to make magic, so for the first time in a while, I was up late experimenting.

How often have you gone panic shopping for a special occasion only to feel uncomfortable/itchy/squeezed all night?


I had a solid starting point thanks to a friend who saw the show in Atlanta. When I asked her what to wear, she said: Wear something that invokes Beyoncé without being a Beyoncé costume. (Thanks, Sabrina!)

Good point.


Even when an outfit is inspired by something, I always throw in my own twist to showcase my creativity. On Thursday night, I start digging through my closet and ended up pairing two recent additions.

A pair of Adidas track pants – I purchased mine on sale from the mens section, but it turns out they make a women’s version. The proportions worked in my favor, because they sit really high on my waist. (Get them here if you’re interested!)

A sleeveless black button-up – I found it at a local boutique and it’s quickly become the most versatile piece I own – I’ve already worn it five different ways. The keys to the shirt’s versatility are the side slits & waist tie. (She still has a few available!)

Adidas Response Astro Pants & button-up
Where is this even going?

Step 1: Button halfway.


Step 2: Fold the front panels in.


Step 3: Wrap the front to the back.*


Step 4: Tuck it in.


* I used the waist tie to hold these pieces together. If you don’t have attached ties, you can also safety pin the front panels behind you – buttoning them together will undo your fold and give the shirt a balloon effect.

Step 5: Accessorize & Pose!


I loved this look and was comfortable dancing all night because I was wearing some of my favorite pieces! While I love a retail therapy session, I love getting creative with what I already have even more. Shopping for every event that comes your way is how you end up buried in a pile of statement pieces that don’t mix with anything else – I know, I’ve been there. I’m still refining my wardrobe a little bit every day, and enjoying every moment.

Would you try this look?


Share a wardrobe DIY for me to try!

I’m excited to hear from you.


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