The Easy Nightly Routine that will Make Your Skin Glow

Happy November, everyone!

Here in NJ, we’ve just wrapped up Hallowee-kend, the weather is changing, and the holidays are coming fast! No matter where you live, at least one (if not all) of these factors can have an effect on your skin. I know that the second it gets colder, my forehead becomes a dry micro-flaky mess.

To fend off dryness and it’s evil siblings, oil & breakouts, I’ve tricked myself into a nightly skincare routine. I say tricked because I didn’t realize I’d built a routine until recently.

Rewind to January, two key things changed:

  • I started working out consistently
  • I began to wear makeup more often

While my definition of makeup is a touch of neutral eye shadow and equally subtle lipstick, the first step of this nightly routine is critical for anyone:

Remove your makeup!

Any skincare pro will tell you the negative effects of consistently falling asleep with makeup on and in case you’re curious, I’ve gathered some references for you here, here, and here. I’ve been using the store brand Face Values oil-free eye makeup remover (I love Harmon Face Values), but if you have a preference, stick to it. Make this step a priority even if you don’t follow the rest of the steps. Here are a few affordable options (I prefer soaking a cotton ball to using wipes, it’s more cost effective & the texture is more gentle.)


Choose a gentle wash.

Whatever you do, don’t just rub your shower gel on your face. Your face and body receive very different levels of exposure, and behave too differently for that to work. My favorite face washes ever have been Aveeno Calming Wash and Julep’s “Love Your Bare Face” Cleansing Oil. The Cleansing Oil was first, because it came in my monthly subscription, but once I canceled Juelp, the price was a little high. Because I was also sweating more, I found Aveeno’s foaming face wash more effective at breaking up the film of grossness on my face at the end of the day.

Treat yourself to a light moisturizer.

Choose carefully here, a bad (for you) moisturizer can do more harm than good. I’m breaking rules here because I use a small pump of the Body Shop’s Aloe Vera Eye Defense (currently on sale!) for my whole face. Your eye area is the most sensitive part of your face, so instead of using two products, I opted for one that’s gentle enough to apply all over.

Pucker up.

Does anyone else have super dry lips? I do, so I always apply one last attempt at moisture before going to bed. Currently, I’m trying Burt’s Bee’s in vanilla bean, but my standby has always been Vaseline Rosy Lip Therapy.

One More Thing…*

The last thing I do before falling asleep is take one last swig of water. Hydration is the foundation of great skin, so I always keep water close by. I’d recommend room temperature over cold water – the chilled rush could actually wake you back up. Next of course is the most fundamental piece of this whole routine – sleep! I’m terrible at keeping a regulated sleep schedule, but I’ve been working all year to fight off my insomnia and night panics, so I try to be in bed around the same time every night and it’s starting to work. Now get some rest, and get glowing!

*: Does anyone else remember Uncle on Jackie Chan Adventures? Because that’s how I’m saying that line.

If you have any skin care tips of your own, please share! I want to know:

  • How do you prepare for bed?
  • What’s your favorite skincare product?