Introducing: The Boss Babe Life

Welcome to something new, Boss Babes!

Over the last year of blogging, I’ve paid close attention to what you want and where it meets what I’m passionate about. I intended to publish a post last Wednesday (How to Curate Your Schedule & Stop Wasting Time will be live this week) but held off to make room for this change and announcement. Trust me, I’m as surprised as you may be.

When I started writing last year, my main goal was to help you build a stylish, healthy, productive life. I wanted to help with everything. As time progressed, I noticed that the most popular content on my site aligned with the things I talk about most in my daily life: kicking butt in your career.

This past week, my friend was able to secure a 15% raise within her company with my (very strong… ok downright aggressive) encouragement and customized communication templates. I’m so happy, you’d think it was my raise! I’ve been helping friends and family write resumes & cover letters, prepare for interviews, and negotiate salaries for years – and I’ve never gotten tired of it.

So I’ve decided to use my blog to share the same knowledge with you!

If you’re subscribed to the newsletter, you already know some of this, but moving forward you can expect:

More Career posts – No matter your hustle, I’m here to help you make it awesome. We’ll be talking about some basics (resumes, cover letters, interviews) and some more complex topics like difficult conversations with coworkers.

Reader Q&A segments – I’ll be taking your specific questions and posting them to share with the community. Feel free to ask me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or good old-fashioned email.

Less Tech & App posts – I’m phasing this segment out, but I’ll still be testing them for fun! If you’re ever looking for an app to do a specific task, just send me an email.

More Self-Care content – I’ll be posting ideas, routines, and products focused on keeping you healthy and happy. As the new tagline suggests, when you build your best self, the rest will follow!

*New* Resource Library – I’ll be adding new freebies to the library every month – from printable resume templates to negotiation worksheets and other useful bits to save you time or pretty up your workspace. Sign up for access here.

Interviews with Inspiring Boss Babes – I’ve been talking with some incredible women about how they maintain their balance while chasing their dreams. Some of these will be videos (eek!) and I’d love to one day turn the series into a podcast (but let me not get ahead of myself…)

But why the name change?

You can still find me on my usual networks under @elle_duran, but The Boss Babe Life is something bigger than documenting my personal life. It’s about you and helping you navigate the professional landscape like the Boss Babes you are! I’ll have more announcements for TBBL soon, but trust that you can expect more from me than just cute quotes and hashtags – though I’ll be making those, too ;).

Be your own heroine

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