The Key to Having an Awesome Year

Welcome to month 2 of 2016 everybody!

A few weeks ago, I was swept up in the New Year vibes and sat down to set a bunch of goals (not resolutions).  Here’s the thing – I didn’t just create a list of ideas, I received a beautiful gift that helped me lay out a detailed plan. But first, let’s rewind.

A little background…

By the end of 2015, I was completely run down. Between working full-time at my (demanding & enlightening) dream job, freelancing for a friend’s start-up, and just plain over-commitment, I was drained.

The holiday season came & went, but instead of being in the moment, my mind kept running through the list of things I had to do. Not fun.

After weeks of listening to great podcasts (which I’ll share later!), I decided it was time to get organized. I know, that’s right up there with “get fit,” but stay with me. The first step to having an awesome year is to be specific. So ask yourself: “what does ‘get organized’ mean to me?”

The Basics

For me, getting organized meant keeping track of the basics:

  • Who I’m meeting up / working with
  • What I’m doing on a given day
  • Where I’m supposed to be
  • When deadlines & milestones are coming up
  • Why I’m doing any of it

The next step was finding somewhere to keep all of this information. I love Evernote and my calendar app, but I feel like once I type or bookmark something, it stays there and I never think about it again. Sound familiar?

I knew from my years in school that I personally retain information better when I write things out, and research shows this is true for a lot of us. As if the world had heard me, I met up with a friend, and she gifted me a Passion Planner. I’d never heard of them before, but it’s only been four weeks and it’s changed how I approach my day! If you haven’t gotten your planner for 2016, you should check them out. They even have free PDFs to download if you aren’t quite ready to invest in the planner outright.

Passion Planner & You Are a Badass

Lay it All Out

Even if you don’t get the planner, you should try this out. First, get in a judgement-free state of mind. List out your dreams for the year, no matter how big. Then, take it one step further and list out the steps you need to take to get to those dreams. Once you’ve broken down big dreams into small steps, give yourself dates to target for each of those steps. That last part is an incredible feeling, it makes your goals much more real when you can visualize them in a calendar. The only thing that’s missing is your commitment, so get to it!

The thing about resolutions vs. goals is that we’re used to listing them out at the beginning of the year and letting them fade. Without setting dates or steps to reach them, they’re just abstract ideas of what we want our lives to be. We get caught up in work, school, or home life and we’re right back where we started. Every day is a chance to start fresh, and through this blog, I’m committing to checking in on my goal progress once a month.

Getting back into blogging was on the list of my dreams and this marks my first baby step achieved – getting a post out there! So, welcome and thanks for reading, I hope you’ll join me on my journey to having an awesome year.

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