Resilience: One Broken Bike & One Solid Backbone

Though I was planning a tech post this week, I wanted to share this story – stay tuned for next week’s post!
Arguably more important than finding your tribe is finding a partner that inspires and pushes you to do more, do better, and keep growing. In that, I think I lucked out.

We went to college together, but we weren’t actually friends. When we met again years later, he insists (to this day) that I hit on him – I swear I didn’t even like him! Yet here we are, four years later.
Adult life has a way of zapping your energy and if you let yourself get caught up in the mundane (dishes, trash, laundry, rinse & repeat.) You can lose sight of your passions, let go of hobbies, and stop setting goals altogether.
This past weekend, Boyfriend (what! That’s what I call him) planned to ride his second attempt at a Century – 100 miles on a bicycle. Last time, he woke up sick the day of, and still rode 30 miles. Fast forward to this year, and he’s been training all summer. On weekends, he’d be up at dawn and gone for hours, building up to longer rides. Thankfully, he’d leave me to sleep in on those days.

Cycling is not my jam.

I supported him from the sidelines by having hearty lunches ready for his arrivals and making sure he gets enough water. In the last week, I adjusted our dinners to accommodate his carb-loading. The morning of the ride, he was up before the sun and out the door.

broken-bikeThen I got the call.

I assumed he was at a rest stop, because there’s no way he’d be done in just three hours. I was right, but this was the best case scenario of the worst phone calls I could have gotten. Another cyclist had recklessly passed him without proper warning and knocked him over in the process. He didn’t break anything (yay) and his bike took the worst of it (the fork shattered), but I was still worried out of my mind.
Imagine my surprise when he called back a few minutes later asking me to bring his other bike. He said he was going to at least complete the 62-mile tier.

He wanted to keep going.

Hustle Harder!
The sticker says Hustle Harder!
I canceled my plans for the day, wrestled a bike into my car, and drove to Brooklyn. When I got to him, I couldn’t believe that he wanted to continue – the damage was visible, and I was scared of where else he might be hurt. But he continued, and I’ve never been so proud. (Of course, I spent the rest of the weekend fussing over him.)
No matter how you prepare for something, you’ll never know what can go wrong. You have to show up and go for it. When you get thrown off course, take a moment to reset. Reach out to your support system, make a plan for your next step, and get moving!
I’m proud to be part of his support system (special thanks to his bike bud, James for being there with him), and I’ll be there to cheer him on when he tries again next year.

Your turn!

I’m really excited about this one: Please share your own stories of resilience – tell me what kept you going, and if you have a photo, share it on Instagram and tag me @elle_duran.